Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Get the Moonacre items again!

As most of you know, Stardoll was giving out free minishop items themed from the movie "The Secret of Moonacre". The links still exist for the items but haven't worked for quite some time. Here's a way to get these items again!

1. Sign into Stardoll
2. Don't sign out! Go to goproxing.com
3. At that site there is a website URL in which you type stardoll.com
4. (you should still be signed in) Once the proxy site has take you to Stardoll there is a second URL browser bar underneath your toolbar - this is where you will copy & paste and Moonacre links
5) Copy and paste the seperate Moonacre links into this second URL bar - my browser would not let my page load fully but it doesn't have to for you to get the gifts.

The Book: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17939

The necklace: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17940

The Dog: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17944

The Cake plate: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17993

The Piano: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17977

The Piano Chair: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17990

The Chest: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18088

The crystal Ball: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18165

The painting: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18166

The rabbit: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18168

If you need any help than feel free to post a comment and ask!


  1. it desnt work for me.

  2. i want dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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