Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More ELLE Spoilers!

In addition to the spoilers from the previous post, these were also in the spoilers later! I have to say, I think these are some of the best clothes to be released and definitely the best ELLE line ever.
Hopefully, these clothes will come very, very soon.

Newest Spoilers = HOT

**Click to Enlarge

At first I though this might be new LE, but then I saw a pink ELLE shirt, so I suppose it's the newest line of ELLE! I love, love, love these clothes! What do you think of them?

By the way, you can now buy and sell Antidote! So look for great deals in the StarBazaar!

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Dress in Spoilers

I found this dress in the spoilers early this morning but wanted to wait a bit just in case there were more coming. It's been about 8 hours or so, so I don't think there are more coming...
Maybe it's a new Voile dress for becoming superstar?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Princess Protection Club

The new sponsored club for the Princess Protection Program from Disney! And join soon so you'll be sure to get these great prizes from the spoilers! But the t-shirt is a quiz prize! Click here to take the quiz and find the t-shirt in your suite!

Click here to join the club!

Fashion Rocks Stockholm

I saw this new window in the StarPlaza with un-clothed mannequins and then decided to check the spoileres...
In which I found these! Look closely and you can see that the girls in the StarPlaza window are wearing the real life versions of these dresses.

Basics is now in the StarPlaza!

This is such a great idea for a store. All different sorts of clothing pieces in every color (besides black - strange) for superstars and non-superstars for $5 or under can be found here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Princess Protection Spoilers

As well as the dress that was in the spoilers a few days ago we now have pictures of a t-shirt, a necklace, and a poster. I wonder if they'll be for a club or in the cinema.
Oh, and as for the spoilers yesterday...we literally have got almost 100 more spoilers! I don't have time to post them all but just image for me! Every orange garment I posted yesterday in addition to the new ones above in every color! All of the colors of the ballet flats yesterday will have a matching t-shirt, sweatshirt, capris, tube dress, high-waisted skirt, boy short, short, tank dress, harem pant, swimsuit, purse, swimsuit, biker short, and tube top!

These are great and interesting spoilers! I don't know why no other blog has posted them yet!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jonas Brothers Club!

Remember those Jonas Brothers spoilers? The t-shirt, the poster, and the guitar? Well, they're prizes for being a member of the latest Disney club - the Jonas Brothers club. Click here to join!

Spoilers! Air of DIY and lots of flats

A numerous amount of different colored simple ballet flats and pretty much every piece of clothing piece in orange. I quite like the clothing pieces; they all seem like they would fit our MeDolls nicely and well (like the DIY pieces), but the color? Not a fan of the melon hues. Do you like them?

Sale in the StarPlaza + New VT Collection

The sale in the StarPlaza started yesterday, so superstars look for those great deals. There are some great Inspired by pieces for sale too!
The new Vivienne Tam collection was released early this morning! I've got to say, it's really more of a spring collection than a summer one. I only like four dresses (the 2 black and the 2 on the right), but they're all over-priced. Eight stardollars for a pair of shoes and at least $14 for a dress!
I can't believe that Stardoll brought back the Applique Floral Silk dress! That was one of the most rare pieces on Stardoll!
What do you think about the new collection?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free Isla Fisher Belt?

This morning I received this belt! I only wonder why? I'm grateful of course, but did anyone else receive this free belt? Click the image to enlarge it, but it's an Isla Fisher Belt from Confessions of a Shopaholic.

UPDATE: Haha, I figured it out...it's from The Disney Club! Once it reached 50,000 members members were to receive the belt! Did anyone receive Stardollars earlier in their membership?

Babies in the Minishop

The Baby-themed spoilers caused quite a blogger mania. Babies? On Stardoll?
Well, now these babies are available in the Minishop along with a few rompers, hats, and toys.
It's a cute idea, for sure. I can already see people creating nurseries for these kids. But, still, I mean, BABIES. ON STARDOLL. It seems really unnecessary to me, but whatever, it's like Stardoll has run out of ideas. Again.

What do you think about them?

Monday, June 22, 2009

How To Wear Your Hot Buys: HB Layered Skirt

The new Hot Buys Layer Skirt from Rio was released today for 12 stardollars and for non-superstars too! I don't have time to make a separate outfit for non-superstars also, but you would just have to replace the headband and the shirt. The black tube top from Fallen Angel for $4 would be an easy replacement for a top.
Like it? Love it? Hate it?

Bikini Pattern in StarDesign

I've seen users selling their own designs of bikinis and was dying to try it out! Unfortunately, when I went to StarDesign, this happened :(
Is anyone else having this problem?

July Hot Buys + Spoilers

I love the bikini, the sunhat, the shoes, the bag, and the necklace. I'm sure someone can make that jumpsuit look fab, as well as the bodysuit. I'm not sure about the dress or the shorts yet. But I do know this: I ADORE the hair. I want it! Hopefully Stardoll will make it a new Starpoint hair or something.

What do you think of them? Which will you buy?
...And SPOILERS!I love the swimwear and the sandals. I hear whispers of LE...

UPDATE: They're not the new LE collection! It's actually spoilers of the new Vivienne Tam collection! The second picture as well as the last three dresses on the first picture are of new Vivienne Tam. Thanks to Stardoll Gossip Mania blog for finding out!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How To Wear Your Hot Buys: HB Sandals + Free Sunglasses

I like these Hot Buys Sandals, but they're a little chunky for my taste. However, I really like the outfit I put together! Do you?And free purple sunglasses in the StarPlaza! Stardoll has really outdone itself!

Oh my gosh, Stardoll, what is up with you?

As some of you may know (I didn't, until yesterday) there was a Water Design contest in StarDesign. Stardoll just released the winning design in the StarPlaza for $0!By the way, I'm wearing the Pretty in Pink PIP Sandals (priced at $3) with the dress. I only wonder why Stardoll chose not to credit the designer?
And...Stardoll has just released the Swedish/Midsummer clothes and MiniShop items too! Go check them out!

P.S. I'm sorry for the multiple posts, I'm probably taking up loads of space on your Dashboard if you're following this blog :)

*sigh*...more new MeDoll stuff...

Haha, Stardoll's decided they like us today, haven't they?
According to Paulis_Spedroo there are also new lips and noses!
I've highlighted the new noses, only 3, I think...I can only recognize 1 new lips, but there might be more. Tell us in the comments if there are and what page they're on. Thanks!

Spoilers! Swimwear, Dresses, StarDesign?

It's seems that we're going to have a bit of a Midsummer-themed items, along with some Swedish things also. There is also a StarDesign dress...not sure about that one...but I did see an side ad yesterday on StarDoll about "Vote for your Favorite Water Design" or something. I haven't come across the ad again, but there is this poster in StarDesign:

Anyways, there are two lovely dresses that I'm looking forward to, as well as some new swimwear! :D The Hot Buys shoes are in there too and I really like those sandals with legwarmers! I can't wait!

5 New Hairs!

**Click to Enlarge!

1) Ummm...not the most attractive style...but I love the length :(
2) I love this one! It's very chic and model-esque.
3) You have to have the style to work this. Not my favorite.
4) Love this pixie-like bob! The Lena Gerke 2 doll on Stardoll has this hair
5) Bag woman! Lol, this one is just pretty crazy. It was in the back pages with the Starpoint hair, so I don't know if this one is available for everyone.

***If you're wearing one of these new hairstyles, tell me in the comments with your username. I'll make a post with the best MeDoll working their hair!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How To Wear Your Hot Buys: HB Bikini Necklace

The cute, pink Hot Buys Bikini Necklace was released into the StarPlaza today for $6! It's girly and perfect for a summer outfit. The swimwear and glasses from yesterday's spoilers were released also, along with some Archive bathing suits from last summer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spoilers! Summertime!

I love these swimsuits! These monokinis and one pieces are modern and fabulous! I can't wait for them!
Along with this wonderful swimwear we get numerous shades and shutter shades!
What do you think of these new spoilers?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Spoilers! Gift Boxes?

The last time we got spoilers like these, the bags ended up being gift money for new members :(
I wonder what they're for? The yellow gifts are sparkly (for superstar members?), and the other bag and the gift box hop...lol

How To Wear Your Hot Buys: HB Darling Dress

The Hot Buys Darling Dress was released in the Shop yesterday for $10 and for superstars. This t-shirt dress is really cute and easy to pair up with some heels. I love it!

DIY: No Longer in the Shop

The DIY store has disappeared from the Shop and users are selling the items. However, you can still buy the DIY items by using the Search engine in the Shop!

Free Hannah Montana Dress!

To get this pretty white and black dress watch the Hannah Montana preview in the French cinema! If you're not from France you can use the proxy site tubetunnel.info and type in stardoll.com/en/cinema ; you don't have to watch the preview (especially because often the site won't load) but you will still get the dress.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free Hannah Montana Tee!

This offer is only for Australian members in the Stardoll Cinema but if you don't live in Australia then you'll have to use a proxy site.
Go to http://www.au.worldproxy.tracking202.com/ and type in stardoll.com/en/cinema and log in.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Proposal Contest

Enter the contest to have a chance to win the wedding dress from the up-and-coming movie The Proposal. (The dress is pictured in the spoilers in the previous post.)


The HB long tee, a cute dog, a Hannah Montana tee, The Proposal Contest dress, a black and white dress, and a The Princess Protection Program ad

All pretty interesting to me!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

How To Wear Your Hot Buys: HB Cropped Jacket

I love this soft pink, slightly metallic cropped jacket. It has a girly yet punk-like element.

Like it?

Get free water for your suite!


Copy that link into your browser and join the contest and the fun!
To enter the contest write a good, well-thought haiku. To simply get the water, write anything and Submit it :)

Stardoll is really going all out with this ocean theme, huh? So far two of the three main stars of H20: Just Add Water have been made into Stardolls and there are new ads featuring Sara Paxton (Aquamarine) and the both Mermaid dolls too. Also, a bunch of new sea-themed items were added to the Minishop yesterday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How To Wear Your Hot Buys: HB Dress

I really love this dress! It's bright and cheerful and colorful.
Here's the outfit I put together:

Free Disney TV

A new offer for USA members only...if you don't live in the US you will have to use a proxy site like goproxing.com

From the Start page click on the ad for the free Disney TV

Then you will have a TV in your suite in the form of a present (it's blue). The best part? There are actually videos/ads on it that are playable (such as a Confessions of a Shopaholic preview).

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