Thursday, June 18, 2009

5 New Hairs!

**Click to Enlarge!

1) Ummm...not the most attractive style...but I love the length :(
2) I love this one! It's very chic and model-esque.
3) You have to have the style to work this. Not my favorite.
4) Love this pixie-like bob! The Lena Gerke 2 doll on Stardoll has this hair
5) Bag woman! Lol, this one is just pretty crazy. It was in the back pages with the Starpoint hair, so I don't know if this one is available for everyone.

***If you're wearing one of these new hairstyles, tell me in the comments with your username. I'll make a post with the best MeDoll working their hair!


  1. My username is EugenieS, I'm wearing the second hairstyle :]

  2. im wearing the 5th onee :)


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