Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Princess Protection Spoilers

As well as the dress that was in the spoilers a few days ago we now have pictures of a t-shirt, a necklace, and a poster. I wonder if they'll be for a club or in the cinema.
Oh, and as for the spoilers yesterday...we literally have got almost 100 more spoilers! I don't have time to post them all but just image for me! Every orange garment I posted yesterday in addition to the new ones above in every color! All of the colors of the ballet flats yesterday will have a matching t-shirt, sweatshirt, capris, tube dress, high-waisted skirt, boy short, short, tank dress, harem pant, swimsuit, purse, swimsuit, biker short, and tube top!

These are great and interesting spoilers! I don't know why no other blog has posted them yet!

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