Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Personalize your Barbie Dress!

So the new Barbie dress is absolutely gorgeous and everyone seems to be wearing it. But what about those people who take it a step farther than just matching a pair of shoes with it.
I found two girls who had taken their outfit to the next level when dressing. First is filipinhamaria who has added Minishop items to the top half of her dress. Go check it out!

Then we have Pita329 who not only put together a great outfit but made an entire Barbie Dollhouse in her suite! You should really visit her suite to see just how intricate her dollhouse is.

I also thought I'd add my outfit to the mix. Basically I just added to the top half of my dress.

**NOTE: If the pictures are too small for you then click them to enlarge. :D

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