Friday, March 20, 2009

April Hot Buys

Oh, yes, thank you Stardoll, because I've always wanted a spit-up-colored tunic.
That tunic looks like it just came up a baby's throat and oh, what is that on it's front? Yes, it's a safety pin. To hold up a baby's diaper perhaps? I do not know what Stardoll was thinking.
I also don't like that skirt but mainly for its length. If it turns out to be a little shorter (knee-high or above) then I'll probably like it. And the pink blazer...I'll have to try it on to see how I like it.
Everything besides those three, I quite like. The purse holds some sort of girly/punk style and same for the heels. I like the jewelry and I really want that purple/pink dress the doll is wearing. And finally the furry vest...I'll try it on to see.

What do you think of the new Hot Buys?

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