Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So...some actual Stardoll news...

While other blogs are posting articles left and right about drama going down with the wannabe elites...Stardoll has released some great St. Patrick's Day items.
There are clothes and jewelry in the Shop now for inexpensive prices so hurry to get them because I have a feeling they won't be there tomorrow. Superstars can also send a clover to their friends for only $1.

Along with the St. Patty's Day items Stardoll has released the new DKNY necklace! It's the Multi-Chain Logo Necklace and it costs $40. It will only be in the Shop until March 23rd.Stardoll has also released the new Hot Buys dress! It costs $16 and is it worth it? In my opinion, no it is not. However, it's a relatively easy piece to make into a fabulous outfit so here's one I made:Are you going to buy any of the St. Patrick's Day items? Also, have you been collecting the DKNY necklaces? And finally, what do you think of the new HB dress? Will you buy it?

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